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House Report:


screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-10-20-32-pm  Transcribed by D. Adams November, 2016

Dear Ithaca Community and Beyond,

I want to take the time to thank you for all of your gracious help, support and prayers over the past seven years.  Some of you may know that I am 124 years old this year. I have seen a lot of change in this neighborhood in my time. The trees have grown taller, some are even gone, like the old walnut that grew by the woodshed. I’ve been a church three times ever since I was built so I am quite at home with being the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker House. It makes me happy to be part of the many works of mercy and peace and justice work. Thanks for my new coats of paint! I was truly impressed with the painters and all the time and energy that went into making me so pretty again. Thanks for my new foundation! I feel solid again. Thank you for all your financial support, love and sweat that went into making me the pretty yellow house on Plain Street. I hope to stand tall for many more years and be a place where all people can feel welcome and loved. Come over and see me sometime! Thanks again for everything. May God bless and goodness be my cornerstone! Love, The Peter De Mott Catholic Worker House (Formerly known as Grandma Gumps Lighthouse Church of Jesus Christ, The Ilmani Healing Temple, and The Reform Temple of Jesus Christ)

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Peter De Mott Peace Trot T-Shirt 2016

Here is the design for the front and back of the 2016 Peace Trot t-shirt. Below are some thoughts shared by Ellen Grady at the Trot on why this design.
img-0624_2_orig img-0625_1_orig

Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to be with us today. I want say happy Father’s Day to all you fathers! Thanks for spending part of your day with us.
I’m going to talk briefly about the quote on the t-shirt and why we chose it.
Peter loved and was inspired by Dan Berrigan, the Jesuit priest, poet, and activist, who died a little over a month ago at the age of 95.
As I sat at Dan’s funeral and heard the words of the action statement of the Catonsville 9, I was deeply moved.
The Catonsville 9 were a group of 9 people, including Dan Berrigan, who, in May of 1968, saw the horror and bloodshed of what was happening in Vietnam and at home. Martin Luther King had been assassinated only a month before their action. The group decided to go to a draft board office in Catonsville MD and remove all A-1 draft files, take them out to the parking lot, and burn them with homemade napalm. A bold and courageous act of conscience!
The 9 began their action statement of intent with what’s written on your shirts:
“Our apologies good friends for the fracture of good order the burning of paper instead of children the angering of the orderlies in the front parlor of the charnel house We could not so help us God do otherwise For we are sick at heart our hearts give us no rest for thinking of the Land of Burning Children”
I won’t read all of the statement…you have copies of the statement in your shirts…
But I just want to share one more excerpt:
“All of us who act against the law
turn to the poor of the world to the Vietnamese to the victims to the soldiers who kill and die for the wrong reasons for no reason at all because they were so ordered by the authorities of that public order which is in effect
a massive institutionalized disorder We say: Killing is disorder life and gentleness and community and unselfishness is the only order we recognize for the sake of that order we risk our liberty our good name The time is past when good men may be silent when obedience can segregate men from public risk when the poor can die without defense How many indeed must die before our voices are heard how many must be tortured dislocated starved maddened? How long must the world’s resources be raped in the service of legalized murder?When at what point will you say no to this war? We have chosen to say with the gift of our liberty if necessary our lives: the violence stops here the death stops here the suppression of the truth stops here this war stops here Redeem the times!”
When thinking about what I wanted to share today, I thought we should start with a moment of silence for the people who were killed in Orlando last Sunday, but then I remembered that, that’s how we began last year’s trot, with a moment of silence for the victims of the Charleston mass shooting, and it occurred to me that yes we need to mourn the dead, all those precious, precious lives lost, but we don’t need to be silent…and, in fact, our voices need to be heard loud and clear, no mincing words; Stop the violence! Stop the killing!
Right now, in this world, we need to be as bold as the people who took that action in Catonsville, Maryland in 1968.

Catonsville 9

Catonsville 9

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2016 Peter De Mott Peace Trot A Great Success

The 2016 Peter De Mott Peace Trot was a great success!  A huge thank you to everyone who came out to run, walk, or stroll and to ALL the amazing volunteers!  Not one, but three runners broke the previous course record (16:56) this year.  Andris Goncarovs broke his own record by 22 seconds, returning to run the Peace Trot after having won the 2014 race. Sawyer Hitchcock , the second place finisher at 16:41 and Jesse Capellaro, the third place finisher at 16:52 also ran faster than the previous best course time.
Amelia Kaufman was the fastest woman runner and successfully defended her Peace Trot title.  She ran 7 seconds fastest than her 2015 time.img_0441

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Sum Sum Summertime 2015!

Here’s our early summer schedule! We are gearing up for our big annual fundraiser, the Peter De Mott Peace Trot, on Father’s Day! All meetings at the Peter De Mott catholic worker house, 411 South Plain St, unless otherwise indicated. Meal at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm.
May 26 – Check in – Facilitator: Neil – Food: Neil
* June 2 – Taize – Facilitator: D & Mary Anne  – Food:Marty
* June 9 – World Beyond War – Facilitator: Ruth  – Food: Dan & Linda or Mary Anne – Note: we each are encouraged to read the booklet or at least a part of it in advance.  Ruth will send the website where we can see it online, and there are 3 paper copies to share.
​* June 16 – ​Peace Trot – Facilitator: Ellen? Tom?  – Food: Todd
Friday, June 19–Peace Trot Mass, 7pm, at the house.
SUNDAY–June 21st--Peace Trot!! Followed by potluck at Taughannock State Park, North Point. to register or find more information
​* June 23 – No meeting
* June 30 – ​Potluck at Taughannock (no gathering at the house)
* July 7 – Annual LLC meeting, house talk, party – Facilitator: ? TBD  Food: Potluck – NOTE: we need at least 6 of the 10 people who signed the LLC agreement to show up for it to be official.
* July 14 – Israel, Palestine, and Green Star – Facilitator: Beth – Food: Mary Anne or Dan & Linda
* July 21 – Decision Making – Food: ? TBD
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Lent 2015 Schedule

Happy winter to all! Be sure to get your skiing and sledding in, because we’ll be swimming in the lake in no time!

Date – Topic – Facilitator – Food
February 3 – Ferguson Article – Ellen – Food: Ellen
February 10 – Nonviolence Works! – Neil – Food: Mary
​February​ 17 – Movie: GDog – D – Food: Mardigra Potluck!
​February​ 24 – Taize – D – Food: Neil
March 3 – Finances, LLC,Operating Agreement, Landline, Internet – Todd – Food: Connie
March 10 – Lenten Readings – Mary Anne – Food: Todd
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – No Meeting – Party with the Grady Girls?
March 24 – Neil’s Birthday! Jokes Stories & Poems – Neil – Food: Ellen, Todd
March 31 – Endless War? – Ellen – Food: D
April 7 – Easter – Garry’s Life – Gary – Food: Mary
April 14 – Decisions – Food: Connie

– Peace Trot meeting tonight, Wednesday, Robert Sparks’ house – time?
​- THIS WEEK: Members of Upstate Action to Ground the Drones and End the War will be visiting senators Gillibrand and Schumer with reports about the what drones are doing to our family members around the world. Might be good to call or email their offices to say:”take heed”
​- “We Are Seneca Lake” ​Action for people of faith coming up…Training Thursday at Perry City


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Advent 2015 Calendar


November 25th – Topic: Advent. Facilitator: Dan. Soup: Linda. ALSO, bring your own Advent related item to share.
December 2nd – Topic: James’ report back from Palestine & Israel AT the Quaker Meeting House on 3rd Street, 7PM. Facilitators, Garry & Ariel. No supper, light refreshments.
December 9th – Topic: Hospitality. Facilitator: D. Soup: Chris!
December 16th – Topic: Nonviolence Works. Facilitator: Neil. Soup, Schmoup. Let’s have Hannukah food! Sara will coordinate it. note – Todd will make some of the Latkes!
December 23rd – No meeting
December 30th – No meeting
January 6th – Decision Making. Soup: Sara


Tea Party and Massage Open House — Saturday, November 22nd, 1-4 PM, Todd & Laurie’s house (302 Cascadilla St.)
Marc Coleville’s sentencing – Wednesday December 3rd, 4PM, Syracuse. Press conference 3PM.
Hearings on Single Payer Health Care in Syracuse – Thursday, December 4th, 10 AM, Syracuse, NYS Assembly Health Care Committee.
Julieanne Oldfield Trial in Syracuse – Wednesday, December 10th.

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5th Annual Peter De Mott Peace Trot! & summer schedule


Peace Peeps! It’s that time again! Our fifth 5k/1 mile memorial run at Cornell Plantations. Woohoo! Please see the trot website for more information, and join us on Sunday, June 15th, 2014, at 10am!!

Also–we have a schedule for the summer! Behold. All meetings at the Peter De Mott catholic worker house, 411 S.Plain St, Ithaca, unless otherwise indicated. Meal at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm.

June 10 – topic, disarmament. Facilitator? Food – Todd
June 17 – no meeting
June 20 – money: report on where we’re at, budget, proposal, etc. Facilitator, Mary. Food – Mary
July 1 – lake. Potluck
July 8 – Send-off dinner for Maryanne. (probably not at house.) These two dates might get swapped depending on what Maryanne prefers. There is a small committee (Clare and Ellen) who will meet with Maryanne to determine her needs while she’s in jail…
July 15 – no meeting
July 22 – no meeting
July 29 – Taize. Facilitator, Ellen, with D’s help. Food – Todd and Laurie
August 5 – Hiroshima. Facilitator, Teresa Jane. Food – Sara
August 12 – Omar and Nancy talking about their experience refusing to prove that they’re citizens, at the airport and being detained (racial profiling) Food – Clare
August 19 – no meeting
August 26 – no meeting
September 2 – no meeting
September 9 – decision making meeting at Todd and Laurie’s (D on break) Food – ?


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Fall Schedule

Wow! We really got on a roll with our planning last night. All Tuesday meetings at the Peter De Mott house unless otherwise indicated. Meal at 6pm, meeting at 7pm. 
Tues, Oct 8th–Kathy Kelly, Clare, and others on Drone Wars panel at GIAC, 7pm.No meeting at house, no meal.
Fri, Oct 11th–Teach-In at GIAC 6-8pm. Resistance to mass incarceration. Contact James/Kayla for more info?
Tues, Oct 15th–Gathering at house. Topic: Support for Ellen & Saoirse. Blessing of Garry’s titanium knee. Soup by Ellen
Tues, Oct 22nd– Topic: Descent into Death. Reading from Todd & Laurie. Soup by D
Thurs, Oct 24th–Ellen’s trial. 5pm. DeWitt court near Syracuse. carpooling available
Tues,  Oct 29th–Rosalie Riegle at house to discuss her new book, “Doing Time”. Soup TBA
Wed, Oct 30th–Brayton Shanley presentation on Agape community. location TBA–Friends Meeting House? 7pm
Tues, Nov 6th–Connie’s bday. Topic: Native Justice. Soup by Dan.
Tues, Nov 13th–Topic: Thomas Merton’s Love and Living. Facilitated by Clare & Grandma Theresa. Soup by Clare.
Tues, Nov 20th–movie night. Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Soup & popcorn by Heather. (see for more information). Women’s interfaith peace movement in Liberia
Tues, Nov 26th– no meeting. Thanksgiving week. Enjoy your turkey or tofurkey!
Tues, Dec 3rd–Advent Reflection
Tues, Dec 10th–Decision Making. 
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Late summer schedule…let’s not call it fall, mmkay?


And behold–our fall schedule! 
All meetings NOT at the Peter De Mott House! Read carefully and see you soon!
Meal at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm
Tues, Aug 20th–no meeting
Tues, Aug 27th–Topic: Peace & Sustainability (in prep for Peace Mass weekend) with some singing of peace songs. Meeting held at Dan & Linda’s house, 211 Westview Lane, food by Linda. Carpool available from downtown–meet at Todd & Laurie’s at 5:45pm (302 Cascadilla St). 
Tues, Sept 3rd–no meeting. Returning from Atlantic Life Community retreat in Camden, NJ
Tues, Sept 10th–Topic: Doctrine of Discovery, and the Church’s role. Meeting held at Clare’s house, 201 Elm Street, with food by Clare. 
Tues, Sept 17th–Topic: Surveillance and the NSA. Article to be announced. Meeting held at Ellen’s house, aka the Log House, 133 Sheffield Road, food by Ellen & Mary.
Tues, Sept 24th–Topic: Taize and Meditation in preparation for Ellen’s trial. Meeting to be held potentially in Cortland. Food team–Ellen, Heather, Doug, Colonel Sanders. Stay tuned!
Tues, Oct 1st–Topic: Decision Making. Meeting held at the Peter De Mott house, 411 S. Plain St. Harvest Potluck! Bring some fall bounty to share if you can.
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Summer Schedule!

Summer Schedule!

Whoa! Voila! Our summer plans! Thanks to all for making the calendar and Mary Loehr for putting it all together. All meetings at the house, 411 S.Plain, unless otherwise noted. Meal at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm

May 28 – peace in Colombia event at Ecovillage – NO meeting at CW house! The event starts at 7:30 at the FROG Common house. I’ll include the details at the bottom of this email.
June 4: Lectio Divina facilitated by Laurie. Letters about Guantanamo to sign. Food by Sara.
June 11: Budget. Food by D
Friday, June 14th: Peace Trot Mass, 6:30pm in the backyard of the CW house
Sunday, June 16th: PEACE TROT! Setup starts 7am. Registration opens 8:30am, Trot 10am. Picnic at Northpoint to follow in afternoon–2pm-ish until dark.
June 18: No meeting. Resting after the peace trot.
June 25: Support for the Drone actions and defendants. Food by Ellen
July 2: Mary Loehr’s birthday. Picnic/potluck at Northpoint Taughannock. If you want to carpool, meet at CW house at 5:30.
July 9: Sharing of life journey by Connie Thomas. Food by Mary
July 16: Picnic at Northpoint. If you want to carpool, meet at CW house at 5:30.
July 23: Taize. Food by Chris Pothier
July 30: Immigration or if Laurie can’t do that, then singing at Beechtree. Food by Connie.
August 6: Hiroshima, facilitated by Ellen. Food by Clare.
August 13: Decision making. food – potluck.

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