Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | February 18, 2017

Dear Congressman Reed, Todd’s Valentine

Dear Congressman Reed,

Without expensive cancer treatment, I would be dead. Without insurance, we would be bankrupt.

My life has been treated as precious, both because of the love of those around me, but also because of my position of unearned privilege in this country; I insist that this same consideration be extended to all people here in my country.

I agree with the Popes, and the Bishops, and the majority of Americans, who hold that access to health care is a right for every person, and not a lucrative consumer product to be made available only to those who can afford it.

I am asking you NOT to vote for any bill repealing the Affordable Care Act UNLESS it also includes enacting the Medicare for All act, HR 676, which makes access to health care universal in the United States and also reduces the cost of health care.

Will you do that?


Your beloved constituent,

Todd Saddler



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