Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | February 18, 2017

Dear Representative Reed; Neil’s Valentine

Dear Representative Reed,

I deliver this valentine to you today out of love and respect, and with the hope and prayer that you will be led by love in the work you do as my representative.

The people of Ithaca have been hard at work getting ready to receive and welcome refugees, especially those from war-torn Syria. It is out of love and care that we (and others across the country) wish to serve those in need by making a place for them in our neighborhoods and hearts. After all, many are refugees as a result of destruction caused by U.S. war-making.

These efforts are being thwarted by President Trump’s executive order which you support.

I believe that this ban comes out of excessive and unreasonable fear and goes against the American spirit of generosity.

I ask that you stop supporting this order, that you speak out against it and that you support legislation

to increase the number of refugees—especially from Syria– allowed into our country. It is now pathetically small compared to many other developed nations.

In short, I ask that you allow love rather than fear to guide your actions.

Thank you,

Neil H. Golder


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