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Hancock Action & Fall Calendar

The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars has been busy! Here are some recent pictures of the latest action and arrests at Hancock Air Force Base. Also, our fall schedule!

FALL CW gatherings:
All meetings at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker house…except next week’s! Meal at 6, meeting at 7.

Tues, Oct 16–James & Danny debrief (we hope?)–at Dan & Linda’s (to be confirmed)–soup by Clare
Tues, Oct 23–Film night–“Poster Girl”–soup by Heather –BYO-Mike & Ikes
Tues, Oct 30–Songs & Jokes. Come in costume!–potluck, think festive
Tues, Nov 6–Drones discussion, facilitated by Ellen–soup by D
Tues, Nov 13–Decision-making–soup by Mary Loehr
Tues, Nov 20–Thanksgiving week. Kick back and prepare for the feast!

Here’s more information about the film, which features an Iraq vet named Robyn Murray who was literally the poster girl for women in combat! Louie and Clare have met her.

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Peace Trot Thanks & Summer Schedule

The Peace Trot weekend was a fabulous success! From the fun concert on Friday night, to the wonderful Mass with Fr. John on Saturday, to the amazing trot and picnic on Sunday! On behalf of the planning committee, I’d like to thank everyone who helped make it happen so smoothly! Trotters, donors, race marshals, poster designers, tablers, FOOD preparers (!!), tent setter-uppers, T-shirt dispensers, registrars, and everyone else….you make this event possible!
June 19: OFF
June 26: Chris Pothier (Ellen on soup)
July 3: Neil & Kathy BBQ (potluck)
July 10: Lectio Divino w/ Dan (Dan on soup)
July 17: Clare on Abolition of Prisons + Police (Clare on soup)
July 24: Grace Lee Boggs book [chapter assignment by Mary] (Mary on soup)
July 31: I Am movie [Dan will get] (D on soup)
Aug 7: OFF
Aug 14: Mary readings, poems, etc. (Todd on soup)
Aug 21: Dan on Pacifism, practice & talk (Ellen on soup)
Aug 28: Decisions (Mary on soup)

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Lookin’ Good!

Here’s a glimpse of two recent photo opportunities! We gathered on Sunday at Greensprings Natural Cemetery to remember the third anniversary of Peter De Mott’s passing. On Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras at the Peter De Mott house!

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Lent Schedule

All meetings at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker house unless otherwise noted. Meal at 6pm, meeting at 7pm. Listed as topic, facilitator, soup-maker

Feb 21–Mardi Gras Party, facilitated by all, potluck! (think fun–but somebody maybe bring some real food. Ellen’s on whipped cream duty.)

Feb 28–Liberation Theology reading by Gustavo Gutierrez & discussion–fac by Steve Hill–soup by Clare

(for more info–érrez. Copies of the reading will be available 2/21 at the house)

March 6–Unconditional Confidence–Pema Chodron reflection & discussion–fac by Susan Lytle–soup by Heather

March 13–Cornel West reading & discussion–fac by Clare–soup by D

March 20–Taize singing prayer chants–fac by Ellen & D–soup by Mary

March 27–Palestine–fac by MaryAnne–soup by Todd

April 3–Healing Ithaca service early! 5:15! Location TBA, followed by meal and Holy Week reflection–soup by Ellen

token cute baby picture of our newest catholic worker

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New Year Schedule & DC protest

Witness Against Torture action--Jan 10, 2012, Washington, DC

Clare, Ellen, Marie, Chris Larkin, Leah, Oona, Danny Burns and about twenty other Ithacans headed to DC to participate in the demonstration at the white house to close Guatanamo prison. 171 people marched in orange jumpsuits accompanied by 1000 more! Amazing work.
For more information, check out the Witness Against Torture website:

In the meantime, those of us back at the ranch made our calendar.

We made a schedule! Behold! All meetings at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker, 411 S.Plain, meal at 6pm, meeting at 7pm, unless otherwise noted. Listed by date, topic, facilitator, soup maker.

Jan 17th–Taize Chanting Prayer–D–soup by Marjorie
Jan 24–Movie “Of Gods & Men”–logistics & food by Mary Loehr (TV from Heather, DVD player from log house)
Jan 31–Nonviolence Reading–Dan Finlay–Haitian food by Todd
Feb 7–Haiti photos/presentation with Beyond Borders–Todd–soup by Dan Finlay
Feb 14–Decision Making–self-facilitated–heart shaped foods by ?? (TBD)

Stay tuned for more info about a benefit at the Nines to support Neil & Kathy!

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Calendar until Jan 2012!

Wow! Time has flown! Here’s our calendar through the end of the year. All meetings at the Peter DeMott Catholic Worker house, 411 S.Plain St in downtown Ithaca. Hope to see you there!

Listed as date, topic, facilitator, soup maker

11/22 – Movie night: “Queen of the Sun” – Oona (equipment) – Heather
11/29 – Trial verdict: needs of possible jailgoers – Todd
+ Anti Racism – Clare and Mary Anne
OR Jokes, songs, & poems
12/4 – First Sunday free supper – Chili – bowls and spoons needed
12/6 – Occupy Movement & Peter Maurin – Ellen – Ellen w/ Mary as backup if Ellen is in jail
12/13 – Taize – D – Mary
12/20 – Carolling – D (songsheets) – Potluck
12/27 – no meeting
1/3/2012 – no meeting
1/10 – Decision making – Self organized – Chris

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Fall Meeting Schedule

1. Oct 4th–Movie Night at Neil & Kathy’s, For the Bible Tells Me So
2. October 11th: we agreed to go hear Helen Caldicott speak at 7 PM (at Ithaca College?).
3. October 18th: John Hamilton will give a presentation on international law and how it is ignored in U.S. courts.
Ellen will be the soupmaker.
4. October 25th: Ed will present about one percent for peace and the musical he is writing–needs our help in
brainstorming about the play and the question of unemployment. Clare is the soupmaker.
5. November 1st: trial in Syracuse starting at 5 PM.
6. November 8th: Neil–the hidden causes of war. D. is the soupmaker.
7. November 15th: Decision-making meeting. Oona is the soupmaker.

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A Little September Schedule

Happy late summer…it’s not fall yet! We’ve been busy working on local issues like Peace Week planning (Laurie, Mark, Dan, Linda, and Todd) as well as advocacy for residents of the Jungle (Neil). Clare, Ellen, and Teresa made the trip down to the ALC retreat in Camden and we look forward to hearing about that time with our fellow catholic workers!

Now we’re looking forward to the fall. More details to follow once we’ve mapped out our meetings in Oct/Nov.

Tuesday, Sept. 13–We’ll attend the following lecture as part of the Pursuing Peace Together events.
“War and Peace: Fresh Thinking for New Times”
7 p.m., Park Hall Auditorium
Presentation by the Rev. Drew Christiansen, editor in chief of the national Jesuit weekly magazine “America,” followed by a dialogue with the audience.

Tues, Sept 20th–9/11 reflection & song

Tues, Sept 27th–Decision-Making meeting

For more information on Pursuing Peace Together, follow this link:

We’re especially looking forward to seeing our friend Simon Harak!

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Many thanks to Karan Casey, John Doyle, Niall Vallely, and Caoimhin Vallely for a magical Irish Music Night! We sold out the CSMA and had a blast listening to some amazing tunes! Thanks also to all who came out to support us, and of course, the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen. Tragically, I took no pictures! We’ll just have to remember it fondly.

We’re not COMPLETELY on vacation, despite the lack of blog posting by yours truly. Here’s what’s happening in the next month:

Tues, Aug 9–potluck at Taughannock Park North Point, 6-9pm
Tues, Aug 16th–no meeting
Tues, Aug 23rd–Thomas Merton reading & discussion; Peace Week planning. Garden Fresh Food by Todd
Tues, Aug 30th–decision-making meeting
Tues, Sept 6th–potential movie night??

Because I’ve moved out of the house, we are in need of some replacement household items!

DVD player
bowls–maybe the next meal should be BYO-bowl…and leave it?
tall kitchen trash can, preferably with lid
2 guest towels
2-3 washcloths
food storage containers for leftovers

Thanks in advance, and hope to see you soon!

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June is here?! Really!

Here’s our June schedule! All meetings at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker House, 411 S. Plain St, unless otherwise indicated. Meal at 6pm, meeting at 7pm.

Tues, May 31st–Movie night–Amandla! A revolution in 4-part harmony. Soup by Todd
Tues, June 7th–MLK Ch. 6 & epilogue discussion. Soup by Ellen (?)
Tues, June 14th–Palestine report by Chris Sabas
Thurs, June 16th–Peace Trot Volunteer Meeting, 7pm
Sat, June 18th–Mass & Barbecue/ Dish-to-Pass, 4:30pm
Sun, June 19th–Peter De Mott Peace Trot!! Cornell Plantations, registration opens at 8:45am. Volunteers needed!!
Tues, June 21st—no meeting
Tues, June 28th–Heather’s birthday and “Where do we go from here” discussion inspired by MLK book

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