Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | February 4, 2015

Lent 2015 Schedule

Happy winter to all! Be sure to get your skiing and sledding in, because we’ll be swimming in the lake in no time!

Date – Topic – Facilitator – Food
February 3 – Ferguson Article – Ellen – Food: Ellen
February 10 – Nonviolence Works! – Neil – Food: Mary
​February​ 17 – Movie: GDog – D – Food: Mardigra Potluck!
​February​ 24 – Taize – D – Food: Neil
March 3 – Finances, LLC,Operating Agreement, Landline, Internet – Todd – Food: Connie
March 10 – Lenten Readings – Mary Anne – Food: Todd
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – No Meeting – Party with the Grady Girls?
March 24 – Neil’s Birthday! Jokes Stories & Poems – Neil – Food: Ellen, Todd
March 31 – Endless War? – Ellen – Food: D
April 7 – Easter – Garry’s Life – Gary – Food: Mary
April 14 – Decisions – Food: Connie

– Peace Trot meeting tonight, Wednesday, Robert Sparks’ house – time?
​- THIS WEEK: Members of Upstate Action to Ground the Drones and End the War will be visiting senators Gillibrand and Schumer with reports about the what drones are doing to our family members around the world. Might be good to call or email their offices to say:”take heed”
​- “We Are Seneca Lake” ​Action for people of faith coming up…Training Thursday at Perry City



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