Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | August 22, 2013

Late summer schedule…let’s not call it fall, mmkay?


And behold–our fall schedule! 
All meetings NOT at the Peter De Mott House! Read carefully and see you soon!
Meal at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm
Tues, Aug 20th–no meeting
Tues, Aug 27th–Topic: Peace & Sustainability (in prep for Peace Mass weekend) with some singing of peace songs. Meeting held at Dan & Linda’s house, 211 Westview Lane, food by Linda. Carpool available from downtown–meet at Todd & Laurie’s at 5:45pm (302 Cascadilla St). 
Tues, Sept 3rd–no meeting. Returning from Atlantic Life Community retreat in Camden, NJ
Tues, Sept 10th–Topic: Doctrine of Discovery, and the Church’s role. Meeting held at Clare’s house, 201 Elm Street, with food by Clare. 
Tues, Sept 17th–Topic: Surveillance and the NSA. Article to be announced. Meeting held at Ellen’s house, aka the Log House, 133 Sheffield Road, food by Ellen & Mary.
Tues, Sept 24th–Topic: Taize and Meditation in preparation for Ellen’s trial. Meeting to be held potentially in Cortland. Food team–Ellen, Heather, Doug, Colonel Sanders. Stay tuned!
Tues, Oct 1st–Topic: Decision Making. Meeting held at the Peter De Mott house, 411 S. Plain St. Harvest Potluck! Bring some fall bounty to share if you can.

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