Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | January 12, 2012

New Year Schedule & DC protest

Witness Against Torture action--Jan 10, 2012, Washington, DC

Clare, Ellen, Marie, Chris Larkin, Leah, Oona, Danny Burns and about twenty other Ithacans headed to DC to participate in the demonstration at the white house to close Guatanamo prison. 171 people marched in orange jumpsuits accompanied by 1000 more! Amazing work.
For more information, check out the Witness Against Torture website:

In the meantime, those of us back at the ranch made our calendar.

We made a schedule! Behold! All meetings at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker, 411 S.Plain, meal at 6pm, meeting at 7pm, unless otherwise noted. Listed by date, topic, facilitator, soup maker.

Jan 17th–Taize Chanting Prayer–D–soup by Marjorie
Jan 24–Movie “Of Gods & Men”–logistics & food by Mary Loehr (TV from Heather, DVD player from log house)
Jan 31–Nonviolence Reading–Dan Finlay–Haitian food by Todd
Feb 7–Haiti photos/presentation with Beyond Borders–Todd–soup by Dan Finlay
Feb 14–Decision Making–self-facilitated–heart shaped foods by ?? (TBD)

Stay tuned for more info about a benefit at the Nines to support Neil & Kathy!


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