Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | April 23, 2011

Amazing anti-drone action at Syracuse’s Hancock Air Base

The walk to Syracuse concluded yesterday with an impressive gathering of over 250 protestors outside the gates of Syracuse’s Hancock Air Base. Speakers included Kathy Kelly of the Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Brian Terrell of the Iowa Catholic Worker, Elliot Adams of Veterans for Peace, and retired army colonel Ann Wright. Ellen Grady read an Indictment of crimes against human rights, which was presented to police guarding the gates of the base. Men and women from the base were dressed in anti-riot gear, including nightsticks, lining the gates.

After the speakers concluded, 37 protestors risked arrest by enacting a “die-in” on the road leading into the base. Ithaca catholic workers Ellen & Clare Grady, Mary Anne Grady Flores, Danny Burns, and Mark Scibilia-Carver were among those arrested. All were transported away in police cars, or a large police paddy wagon. What a day!

Arrests begin in front of Hancock Air Base



  1. Daniel Burns, I would like to talk with you about Pakistan – please call 257-1734 or email me

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