Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | January 17, 2011

Bet on Homebirth!

We had a small but dedicated gambling crew on Saturday! Our event, “bet on homebirth”, was a fundraiser for our peacemaker friends Danny Burns & Jessica Stewart, who are expecting a baby girl in February. Thanks to all who came out on a cold night.

D was in charge of transforming the house into a casino–mission accomplished!

Ellen Grady worked the poker table–was she a dealer in Vegas somewhere in her past? Saoirse beat everyone in the train game, then came over to teach us a lesson in Sequence. Paul Sayvetz teamed up with the dog for strategy advice. Is that cheating? =)

Holly Gump created a monster (or two) by introducing Laurie DeFlaun & Mary Loehr to Mexican train. Look out if you see either of these ladies approaching with a box of dominoes. Mark Carver is contemplating turning online poker into a career, based on his success Saturday evening. Sorry if you were hoping to get some tree work done in the spring–he’ll probably at the World Poker Championships, somewhere like Cancun!

Avi Smith & Sujata were the stars of the night when they showed up with their household’s entire game collection!

We had so much fun, there may be more game/poker nights in our future. Stay tuned!


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