Posted by: ithacacatholicworker | January 4, 2010

The Gift of Waiting

D Adams

The closing on the sale of the house was quite a long, drawn out process.  Every step of the way we were faced with challenges.  After an initial rejection from a bank and many months with another bank, we finally, closed on the house.  Looking back on the process, I can see God’s timing and the gift of waiting that was given to us.

My mind had time to marinate on what we are called to do as Christians, as humans.  With faith and trust, I had time to see the kinks and coils of the twisted knot come untangled with each new obstacle.   There was time to pray and slowly caulk the cracks of the windows.  There was time to learn some plumbing tricks from Paul.  There was time to meet the neighbors who congregate in the morning sun, keeping the peace of our new block.  There was time to help the Chinese women, Fawn and her mother-in-law, who live nearby, help collect the Ginkgo berries from the trees that line the block. There was time to meet Mike, our neighbor and hear his story of sobriety and his upcoming baptism.  God wanted to show me these vignettes and  snapshots of how life could be, of the giving life he has in mind.   Coming from living in the country, life on this new block was a world that I was not accustomed to and God showed me the richness of it all.  Transitioning in new places,  has always been a challenge for me. I kick and scream (mostly cry in empty rooms of the places I leave behind) but then I leave and arrive and slowly ease into the new experience that God has guided me to.  The gift of waiting has helped me see God’s Hand in it all.

I don’t know if I am radical enough to be a Catholic Worker, but in a world where people are afraid, maybe opening our door to anyone in need and trusting in God is enough.   I can’t really think about changing the world but we all have corners near us.  Maybe if we all started by changing our little corners into places of love and acceptance we could make a shift in the world.  A good friend Louie reminded me that all corners are sacred ground.  I am looking forward to the adventures of the house on Plain Street.  Let’s make the world a better place one corner at a time.  ö


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